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Charge standard
Charge standard

Luxury moving packages

Luxury moving package with package, air conditioning, furniture disassembly and cleaning the site; new features, furniture and air conditioning installation and cleaning; provide a variety of cardboard boxes and storage boxes, tape and required a variety of fillers.

   Full range of services for you to enjoy on the move the joy of feeling extreme levels of service!

Price: bpv RMB 1200

Economical moving packages

Economical moving package includes packing, furniture disassembly and cleaning the site; new home furnishing, furniture installation provides a variety of cardboard boxes and storage boxes, tape and required a variety of fillers.

   A full range of services allowing you to completely liberated from the removal of hard work!

Price: RMB per 1000 trips

Selection of moving packages

Starting fee


The city

Capacity 1.5 ton closed truck

280 Yuan/car

Load 2 ton gondola cars


Capacity 3 ton closed truck

500 Yuan/car

Jinbei van (6-9)


After more than ten kilometers, each exceeded one kilometre charge 5 Yuan

Additional charge


No elevator or lift cannot be used when handling, load 1.5 tons of models every upper and lower layer to floor charge 10 Yuan, starting from the seventh floor, each floor plus 20 Yuan, 3 ton truck vehicles every upper and lower layer to floor charge 20 Yuan; when each charge 10 Yuan.

Multiple handling fees

In the shipping process with each additional loading (discharging) stations charge 50 Yuan.

Extra fee

Moved out and moved into the actual distance of more than 10 km, each exceeded a mileage charge 5 Yuan.

Long distance charges

Loading and unloading points docked when the vehicle is not in place, the manual handling of more than 10 meters, plus RMB 2 per over 1 m.

Delay time

Caused by client job EMU is in place not delay work, plus 100 yuan per hour.

Idle running

Once the vehicle, when customers cancel car idle running fee of 100 Yuan on each train.



Large fitness equipment, photocopying machines, more than 180 litres fridge, washing more than 29 inch TVs, rear projection, LCD television, luxurious wooden furniture, each charge of RMB 50-200 valuables.
High-grade porcelain, antiques, crafts, tools, works of art, Aquarium and glassware invites guests on a separate insurance.

Operational piano

Model 120 (inclusive) when the starting fee of 360 Yuan.

Model 120 more, start at 450 Yuan.

Furniture Assembly and disassembly


Simple bed every 30 yuan

Luxury double bed per 50--100 million

Bedroom cabinets

50 Yuan/door


Each 40-Yuan

Conference table

1.8 meters above the large conference table per 100-300 million

Normal boss

1.5 meters below the ordinary boss each of 50 Yuan

Deluxe boss table

1.5 meters above the luxurious boss 100-150 yuan per piece

Partition and desk

Partition and desk every work of 50 Yuan

Cardboard box fee

Information box

40 x 60 x 40, each of 10 Yuan

Carton 2

55cm x 52cm x 40cm, each RMB 15

Plastic storage boxes

Rent plastic storage boxes, each 10 million

Express charge

Special delivery carton of a charge of 50-200 million

Labour costs

Labour costs

Manual handling unwanted vehicles, charges 50 Yuan RMB/per hour.

Long distance fees

Long distance fees

Starting fee of 260 Yuan per car, long distance per km one-way RMB 5, round trip toll customers pay.

Note: the company or organization to move more than 10 vehicles price is negotiable;
Cash and valuables kept by the customer;
Transit fees and parking fees paid by the customer;
This rate can fluctuate according to market conditions and customers ' workload without providing other professional assignments and unconventional operations.

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