Before I move what to Pack

An important work is needed before moving heads start to do it in person, that is, categories of goods classified packages. Moving company, prompted, who is also reluctant to move goods on the day Miss, organized distribution of induction, careful packing will help you move smoothly.
(1) moved Qian days will various items split, and unloading and classification strapping properly, too big of box to handling, so package of carton best don't had big, and overweight, so as not to move Shi scattered, sporadic items as boxing, avoid to find, in box topical signed pen indicate by filling items content,, so as not to to Shi forget box within items content, caused handling inconvenience.
(2) residence of the appointment shall be given for moving companies, road conditions, weather conditions, as well as solutions of unexpected circumstances. If it rains, sporting events should contact the moving company, or moved again after the rain.
(3), neighbors have new home address and telephone number to facilitate follow-up to forward links or important information. Reserved new, lives in the stop position of moving vehicles, large estates to reserve spaces in advance.
(4) billing address migration, important messages such as credit cards, mobile phones, subscriptions, newspapers, magazines, etc in advance to the Bureau to apply for migration.
(5) keys, certificates, cash and other items be sure to carry important documents, stamp books, jewelry, cash, antiques and other items best to host relatives or kept safe and reliable
(6) must be used every day items such as public goods, children books, stationary or daily necessities should go together.
(7) clothing, blankets and other daily necessities to package together and easy to find.
(8), fragile goods, expensive home appliances, such as packing slips must be outside the box labeled "no impact" and "gently" and "valuables" label, packed full with rags, newspapers, shock-proof cotton, such as the space inside the box, so as to avoid handling shaking, impact damage.
(9) the furniture should be cleared to carry if it is not empty, service personnel would be too heavy and difficult to transport, and the furniture itself damaged by the shaking, falling, collision, furniture should be emptied and fixed, locked and sealed. Fish tank, Aquarium handling after the water in the tank should be emptied when moving.
(10) to a new home can be used in items such as cloth, detergent, toiletries and other supplies should be packed.
(11) after the completion of transport inventory items in front of Porter, also missed a good remedy. BACK

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