Long distance moving what are the consignment procedures in General

Move offsite consignment procedures in general
domestic long distance moving by air or rail, not only fast but not easy to be damaged, costs are reasonable.
aviation checked moved program
(1) checked people should fill in checked book, holding I ID or other effective documents to airlines handle checked procedures, necessary Shi issued units introduction;
(2) checked people should by fill goods checked book in the of the content and by provides information of authenticity and accuracy is responsible for;
(3) for transport conditions different or for goods nature cannot in with transport of goods, checked people should respectively fill in goods checked book.
railway checked moved program
(1) to inspection at inspection, confirmed goods meet transport provides Hou, by inspection personnel will cover was badge of checked single to checked people;
(2) right fill in checked single, will name, and pieces number, and station, and shipping people, and consignee, information detailed fill in clear, according to goods packaging standard to package at playing good packaging;
(3) holding has fill good of checked single to Division pounds at check pounds weighed, Secretary pounds and delivers the goods by number and the exact number of red on a blue pencil to fill in the consignment note, and covered people name;
(4) consignment to the ticket window, and pay the shipping costs, reimbursement for delivery by the Green and red. BACK

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